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photo shoot package

Videos are having a moment, but you’re building a business that transcends trends. You know authentic, compelling photos are still a necessity when it comes to getting attention for your new(ish) business. But the amount of time and effort it takes to strategize, plan, and take great shots on your own is overwhelming!

Let’s work together to create a library of professional, on-brand images that will stop your potential clients in their scroll and help you confidently show up, stand out, and earn more. Let us do what we do best so you can get back to doing what you do best… growing your business.

+ Are you tearing your hair out trying to take decent photos every time you need one to accompany your latest social media post, newsletter, or marketing piece?

+ Are you tired of taking selfies?

+ Don’t have an Instagram boyfriend/girlfriend at the ready?

+ Over the stress and anxiety that comes with posting pictures you’re not proud of?


+ Or maybe you’ve gone the avoidance route and simply stopped showing up on social media because you don’t have photos that match the quality of your product or service.

If you’re ready to hear “I love your feed!” and “Your pictures really capture your vibe,” then it’s time to say bye to the stress of DIY. 

Let us take this off your plate and take your business to the next level!

Feeling overwhelmed? 

When you work with K and A Creative Co, we've got you covered. We consider your vision, product/service/location and the vibe you’re after, then create a customized plan for your shoot. This way, the content we create suits your goals and feels like a true expression of your brand. You’ll finally have a gallery of captivating, professional photos at your fingertips that you can share anywhere you communicate with potential clients: social media, your website, newsletters, emails, sales pages, right down to your LinkedIn profile pic and email signature. *Cue the huge sigh of relief.*

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 3.29.27 PM.png

Feeling camera shy?

We have a knack for making clients feel comfortable and at ease. Our shoots are a safe space where you can truly relax and be yourself.

We’ll plan and direct the entire shoot and, after we curate and edit the shots, you’ll only see the very best.

Want to be behind the scenes

and make your products

the star of the show?

We looooove shooting product.

Our gorgeous, on-brand photos

will make a lasting impression, keeping you and your feed top of mind

when your potential clients are 

ready to make a purchase.

IMG_2470 (1).jpg

Have a brick + mortar location?


Capturing the beauty and magic of a retail shop, boutique hotel, Airbnb or beautifully designed space is one of our favorite things. 

Let us show your potential clients why they should visit you!


included in our photo shoot


We’ll gather details about you and your business before we hop on our strategy call, so we can make the most of our call time.


We’ll talk through your questionnaire to get crystal clear on your brand marketing goals, inspiration, and any specific photo needs you have. Your As to our Qs inform the visual mood board and overall direction for the shoot. 


We'll walk through your customized mood board and dig into the nitty gritty of the shoot:

location(s), timeline, wardrobe, props, flow, shot list – all the things – so you know exactly what you need to prepare and what to expect on shoot day.



We handle all creative direction – styling, pose inspiration, backgrounds – so you can relax and even *gasp* have fun!


You’ll get a library of edited photos that you can use not only on social media, but across all your marketing channels


businss coaching

business coaching

IMG_9497 (1).JPG

+ You’re passionate about your business.

+ You’re excellent at what you do.

+ You know what you have to offer has remarkable value.

+ You’re ready to become the go-to resource in your industry and make your bottom line as big as your ideas.

BUT… your ever-growing to-do list and lack of a support and accountability keep you from reaching your full potential.

Navigating the challenges of marketing and growing a business

can feel a bit like you’re assembling furniture without instructions (“Fingers crossed this thing is sturdy!”). Self-doubt inevitably creeps in, and you find yourself struggling to take action or show up in a big way. Building a business can feel lonely and

overwhelming but you don’t have to go it alone.

With Kristin as your business coach, you’ll have an objective partner by your side. With her experienced outside

perspective to help you plan, strategize and prioritize, your business can reach game-changer greatness.

Ready to get going and
get growing?

With Kristin’s guidance you can...

IMG_8221 (1).jpg

+ create (or refine) a vision for your business

with a clear direction, everything gets easier 

+ get clarity on your goals, because you need to

define ‘em before you can crush ‘em 

+ hash out next steps, no more time wasted second guessing yourself

+ talk through new ideas and important decisions. It’s not lonely at the top when you have a sounding board by your side for brainstorming and feedback 


+ have accountability; stay focused and on track even when motivation wanes or priorities get jumbled

+ start to feel like the business pro that you really are, which leads to taking action with confidence.

You may have tried an online course or read through a few business books, but none of the content was specific to your work and goals. And as much as your friends and family want to help, they’re not necessarily qualified in this department. In the end, you’re left with more questions than answers. *Ugh*

Kristin takes the time to really understand not just your brand, but also you as an entrepreneur,

your lifestyle, your vibe and what you want out of your business. She works with you to help you grow YOUR business YOUR way.

Investment for Business Coaching:

A package of three phone sessions is $1000

Session 1 - 75 minutes

Session 2 - 60 minutes

Session 3 - 60 minutes

Sessions can be scheduled in any cadence you like and must be used within three months of purchase (because we don’t want you to wait to see results!).

After the initial three sessions, you can go a la carte with 60-minute sessions at $175/each.

visual brand design

visual brand design

IMG_7802 (1).jpg

First impressions are everything,

so you know your branding needs to speak volumes at just a glance. As an entrepreneur, you’re prepared to wear a lot of hats. But design whiz? That one art

class in high school didn’t exactly set you up for success. You have us for that! Alyson designs

distinctive, memorable and timeless logos that capture your potential clients’ attention quickly

and invite them to get to know your business.

A logo has to do a lot of heavy lifting. It is the singular image that represents your business identity across all platforms.

Your logo is your visual branding foundation, but there are fonts, colors, and other graphic elements to consider too. Together, it should all be cohesive, personality-driven, and meaningful. No pressure, right?!

You could spend your free time struggling with Canva or take a chance on Fiverr to get a so-so

logo that vaguely resembles a lot of other branding out there.

Or you can work with Alyson to create a purposeful, make-heads-turn visual brand identity that

allows you to confidently launch and grow your business.

With her thoughtfully designed branding, your marketing becomes more powerful. Your

business becomes more recognizable. Your professionalism is reinforced. You attract more of

your ideal clients and customers.

So, how does this go down?

Alyson starts by digging into what makes your business different, the value you offer, your

personality, target audience, and goals. Then, she gets to work designing! Her approach is

intentional, blending strategy and creativity. The final products are a well-designed logo and branding elements that are a true reflection of your business.


the full package


You’re establishing your new business, and you are beyond excited to get

started doing what you love. Your message and offerings are solid but

translating those into high-quality visuals that draw in ready-to-pay-you clients

and followers is simply not your zone of genius.

IMG_8006 (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 3.28.31 PM.png
IMG_9847 (1).JPG
IMG_4328 (1).jpg


You’ll get a complete visual representation of your brand – logos, branding, and photos – that aligns with your values and mission, as well as coaching support to help address your business growth and keep you on track. This is your best opportunity to differentiate your business + set yourself up for success.

It’s early days for your business, and you’ve quickly realized that spending countless hours teaching yourself design and photography skills means a slow start for the business and a fast track to burnout for you.

Even though you’re running a small business or maybe even a one-woman show, you crave collaboration on some of these BIG pieces of your brand. You could use a brainstorming partner who has been in your new-entrepreneur shoes.

We’re small business owners too, so we know all about the struggles and burdens that come with this role. It’s A LOT!


When you want to avoid the overwhelm and move forward quickly and confidently with everything you need to launch and grow your business, work with us to:

IMG_3680 (1).JPG

+ Build a library of beautiful photos for all of your marketing and social media needs that

represents your brand and speaks to your ideal client

+ Design powerful branding that makes your business pop

+ Ensure all visual content and branding for your business has a cohesive, true-to-you vibe

+ Have the guiding hand of a trusted coach to support you with clarity and accountability

+ Feel confident and credible sharing links to your social media feeds and website


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